Virgin Mobile is a mobile virtual operator (MVNO) operating in several countries around the world. It is a subsidiary of Virgin Group, a British multinational holding company. Virgin Mobile provides its services using the telecommunications networks of major telecommunications companies, such as Du in the UAE. This means that Virgin Mobile can provide high quality telecommunications services at competitive prices. Virgin Mobile focuses on providing simple and easy-to-use communications services. The company offers a variety of packages designed to meet different customer needs. These packages include local and international calling minutes, SMS, and internet data. In addition to traditional monthly packages, Virgin Mobile also offers annual and family packages. The company also offers special offers and discounts to its customers. In the UAE, Virgin Mobile launched its services in 2019. Since then, the company has become one of the fastest growing telecom companies in the country. Here are some of the advantages of Virgin Mobile: Competitive prices Simple and easy-to-use services Variety of packages Outstanding offers and discounts If you are looking for a telecommunications company that provides high-quality services at competitive prices, Virgin Mobile is a good choice for you.