If you are looking for a great buying experience and great prices, you should visit Citruss, where it offers more offers and huge discounts, and in addition to that, its products are 100% original, and the store has great customer confidence. In addition, it offers The possibility of free shipping to all its customers, as it provides discount coupons of up to more than 80% of the value of the products and among the most important and latest tried and effective Citrus codes, which are as follows:

  • Citruss TV discount code on all products is up to 30% and the discount code is A18
  • CitrussTV code on new products up to 80%+30 riyals and discount code A18
  • Citruss TV discount code on store products, up to more than 50%, and discount code A18

Citruss Key Features

  • Citruss is unique in that it offers the best materials and prices compared to other stores, and this is the secret of its distinction and brilliance
  • It offers a lot of offers and discounts, which made its prices suitable for all segments of society, and the products are mostly well-known brands. In addition, these Offers are available throughout the year called Golden Offers
  • It enables easy access to goods without fatigue or effort and also provides the possibility of shipping to all Arab countries
  • The store provides an e-marketing service using the phone through the available store application, through which you can know all the offers and services available in the store. This is considered The application is free and does not require payment of any fees and is available for all Android devices
  • The store is keen to provide excellent customer service in order to be able to obtain customer confidence and satisfaction, as it provides an outstanding customer service team to Responding to all inquiries and problems faced by customers
  • The shipping process inside the store is fast and takes only a few days, ranging between 3 or 4 days
  • The store offers a policy of exchange and return in the case of the product if it has manufacturing defects and the customer does not like the product, it can be returned again within a week from Date of receipt
  • The store applies some shipping fees depending on the country and product weight This means that the shipping fee varies from country to country but does not cost a shipping fee high
  • It provides many different payment methods according to the appropriate method for the customer, and these methods include Visa and Paypal, as well as the possibility of payment on receipt.

What departments are available in citruss store

There are many distinct sections within the Citruss store, which contains a wonderful assortment of products that suit all tastes. In addition, these products are updated on a daily basis, among the most important of these sections are:  

  • Kitchen Section

It is one of the most detailed sections for most women, so if you love the kitchen and have a great ability to prepare food, you should go to Citruss, which gives you an enjoyable shopping experience, as it contains everything related to the kitchen Whether electronic devices and distinctive kitchen accessories

  • Home section

It is one of the wonderful and distinctive sections within the Citruss store, where there is everything new for home care, and in addition to that, it has all the modern devices that make it easier for you to perform various home tasks, and this section also has special purposes Travel that owns many distinct brands, and the store when you make a purchase voucher, the store gives you an effective discount immediately.

  • Health and Beauty Department

It is one of the favorite sections for women who are looking for their beauty and attractiveness, as the store contains a wonderful collection of skin and hair care products as well as the body, in addition to the latest and strongest perfumes and cosmetics from the most important and best brands global.

  • Fashion and Jewelery Department

It is one of the best-selling sections, as it has the latest fashion and beauty available in international fashion, which includes dresses and abayas. It also has a special section for watches and jewelry for people who care about elegance and beauty.

  • Grand Qualifiers Section

is from this section a gift from citruss store to all its customers who are looking for savings as the section offers the best productsFor a reduced price, the Citruss coupon can also be used, in addition to the main discounts of the Citruss store.

What are the most famous brands in Citruss store

It is one of the distinguished and famous stores in the world, as it has a large range of products, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is its prices that do not compare to the quality of the products as it suits all different levels. In addition to this, the discount coupons that it offers in a way Continuing on all products of well-known brands, these brands are as follows:

  • Zena Fashion
  • opal
  • Saraya
  • Fi Herbo
  • High Flyer
  • will be que
  • Fancy Merkal
  • Bissell
  • Balzano

What are the payment methods available at citruss store

The store offers many different payment methods that suit the capabilities of each person, and the most popular payment methods available within the Citruss store are:

  • COD
  • Payment is through SADAD system and this is available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Payment through PayPal
  • Payment by credit card (MasterCard)

Is citruss safe enough to add my credit card?

Of course yes, as citruss store is the most trusted store in financial transactions, and the store provides security and encryption systems to maintain confidential information of customers

Is there a fee to be paid when applying the cash on delivery system?

Yes, the application of the cash on delivery system requires you to pay a small fee to the shipping company, and these fees are small in exchange for more special offers and discounts.

How do I shop or check out at Citruss?

There are some steps that must be taken to obtain a distinctive purchase and these steps are:

  • You must log in to the Citruss store and create your own account through e-mail or go to the Citruss app available on Google Play
  • I have to know the products in the store and choose the products that suit you, then add the products to the cart
  • You add the products to the payment page and there you will find the Citruss discount and then write the discount code to get the discount immediately 
  • The last step is to write your information so that we can communicate quickly, such as your address, name, phone number, and finally choose your preferred payment method You then make the payment and the purchase process is completed successfully.

Citruss Returns and Exchanges

is one of the best services provided by Citruss store, as it always strives to provide the best of what it has to all its customers, so it distinguished itself from other stores and gained the trust of many customers and users, as the store allowed the possibility of returning and replacing products A maximum of 7 days from the date of receipt, but provided that the product maintains its quality and contains all its contents, and the return process was carried out through the shipping representative within a period ranging from 3 to 5 days

What are the conditions for returning the product at Citruss

  • The date for returning the product should not be delayed beyond the date specified for it, which is a maximum of 7 days from the date of receipt 
  • misuse of the product or the occurrence of some malfunctions that affect the quality of the product, which led to the change of the product received before.
  • Products that must be worn directly on the body, such as underwear and also slimming clothing, cannot be returned

What products can not be returnedAt Citruss

There are products that you cannot return at Citruss and these are:

  • Cosmetics and make-up
  • Skin creams
  • slimming clothes
  • Hair oils
  • Underwear

How do I get a refund from Citruss

The process of getting money back is an easy and simple process that can be obtained through the following:

    • If you pay by credit card, the amount will be returned to your account no later than the return date
  • When you return the money that was paid in cash, in which case the amount will be deposited inside the store to be used again to purchase some products.

How to get a Citruss discount code

  • You have to go to the Citruss website and then click on the store. There you will find many effective coupons and discounts, then choose the appropriate code Then copy the code in the place provided for it so that you can activate the code
  • The second step is to go to the site again to market through the application available on mobile devices
  • You must browse the products in order for the products to suit you, then add the products to the shopping cart, then go to the payment stage and choose the preferred method To pay and then copy the code into its place
  • The last step is to write your information and get the discount, the payment will be made in the appropriate way for you and the purchase will be activated.

Citruss Shipping and Delivery

Citruss store offers a lot of services, the most important of which is the shipping and delivery service, and it varies from one country to another depending on the weight and the country to which it is shipped, and the shipping cost starts from 14 to 50 Saudi riyals and its equivalent The currencies of other countries to which it is shipped. It also provides the possibility of free shipping and delivery if the order exceeds 1000 riyals. It is also one of the wonderful services that Citruss store provides to all its customers. In addition, using the code enables you to get a large discount on all products available within the store.

How long is the delivery time at Citruss

The communication time for shipment is between 4 to 5 days, and it is possible to exceed this period if the shipment is to remote places. Some other fees and taxes are also imposed, and these fees differ from one country to another. 

What countries does Citruss ship to?

The store provides its services to all countries of the Middle East, Africa and also the Arab Gulf countries.

Citruss Shopping Tips

There are many tips that you should know when shopping from Citruss, and the most important of these tips are:

    • You should visit Citruss frequently to learn about all exclusive and effective offers and discounts
    • You must use shopping through the mobile application, as it can be purchased with ease without effort and helps you get instant discount coupons.
  • Get important continuous updates through the website

?What is the price of the product at Citrus 

Since we do not have a store, we have brought many high quality products at affordable prices, in addition to, of course, golden opportunity offers that provide great value that you cannot miss. You will always find new products and amazing offers, so you should always stay in touch with us.

?Which countries do you provide your services in

We deliver products to your doorstep throughout the Middle East and North Africa. We are present in: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. if cheekOur matna is available from local suppliers in the following countries: Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan and Yemen.

?Where are your offices located

Our main offices and studios are located in the United Arab Emirates. We also have several stores strategically located across the region to enable us to deliver the product to your doorstep.

Contact us:

Boutique Studio 18

Dubai Studio City

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

PO Box: 5000605

Tel: +971 4 275 0500

?Do I need to create an account on Citruss to be able to shop

If you are shopping on the website, you must create a user account on citruss.com or via the mobile app. This will enable you to modify your data and make the purchase with ease and convenience, without having to enter your data every time.

Shipping and Delivery

?Which countries does it ship to

Currently we ship products to MENA countries. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep, whether at home or at work. CITRUSS does not ship products to countries subject to international sanctions as per UAE law.

?How long does it take for the order to arrive

You will receive your order within 4-5 working days. Shipping time will sometimes vary depending on product availability in stock.

Please note that delivery may take more than this time in the following cases:

If the shipping company’s contacts are not answered.
Delivery address in areas far from cities.

?Can I postpone shipping and how

We can postpone the shipping process as you wish for a period not exceeding 15 days. Please contact the Customer Service Center to assist you with this request.

?What should I do if the product I received was damaged

  We guarantee to return or exchange the product within 7 days from the date it was delivered to you

  Keep the original invoice because you will return it to us with the product

 . Make sure that the product is in its original box with all parts

 . You can contact customer service to return or exchange the product

  .The product will be replaced if it is available in stock

.For more, read our exchange and return policy

Frequently Asked Questions About Citruss Discount Code

Can I use Citruss discount code on all products?

Yes, of course, all customers can get a Citruss discount code on all products available in the store, and they can also get a large discount.

What is the value of the citruss discount coupon?

Citruss determines the value of the discount up to 30 riyals and uses an additional discount on products and the equivalent in currencies of other countries.

Citruss discount code is not working what should i do?

You must know the terms and conditions of the discount coupons and the duration of their effectiveness. To know this, you must see the details of the discount code in order to be able to use the discount code. You must put the code in the place designated for it and follow the conditions for applying the code until the discount is successfully applied to all products available within the store.

Can I process an order from citruss store?

This service is available on the store with ease and this can be done through your own account on the Citruss website by clicking on the option to track the shipment at the bottom of the page and then add the shipment number or policy number if the shipment is international and also by following the site periodically and knowing all the details of the shipment

Does Citruss offer cash on delivery?

Yes, it allows the possibility of shipping upon receipt on all the products available on the site, especially in the Gulf countries except the State of Qatar, but this varies according to the sellers, and the shipping company also imposes certain expenses or shipping fees.