What services does this store provide to its customers?

First: Products are from the most famous brands

With Farfetch, you will be able to get fashions from Off-White, Versace, Alexander MC Queen, Saint Laurent and more. In addition to clothes, you also have the best types of accessories at all, such as bags, belts, Gucci scarves, belts and many other accessories that will not cost you much with the offers and coupons that we offer you.

You can also choose based on customer preferences, ratings and top-selling brands such as: Jimmy Choo, Burberry and Balenciaga and use the Farfetch promo code for a 30% discount on amazing clothes.

  • Women’s Fashion

In the store there is a section dedicated only to women’s clothing, where you will find the latest international trends of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, John Louis, JD Sports, Alexander MC Quinn and Virgin Media and all this and more in just one place.

  • Men’s clothing section

You will find men’s clothing and accessories, from sports shoes and clothing to classic watches and bags, at the lowest prices through farfetch coupon, which will save you the largest amount of your money up to 50% on everything you need. Especially through the mobile application, which will enable you to search for all categories in a clearer and easier way, and will also send you notifications of the most important news of downloads on your phone.

  • Children’s fashion section

The site provides all your children’s needs, whether you want to buy an elegant dress for your little girl or comfortable shoes for your child, you will find all this easily on the site. You can also get children’s clothes at the lowest prices through the discounts section on children’s fashion. And get extra offers through the Farfetch celebrity discount coupon.

Second: Efficiency of customer service and working hours

You can get the best support services available in 12 languages ​​around the world, and get express delivery in 19 countries. And the store is always ready to help you, so you can choose any of the following means to contact them to inquire about anything related to the products or the location of the store, and you can also get immediate answers to your questions, whatever they are.

Farfetch Customer Service Number: +1 646 791 3768

What are the working hours of the customer service team:

Available Monday-Friday 8AM-11PM EST and Saturday-Sunday 9AM-9PM EST. You can also email them via their website by clicking “Contact Us” at the bottom of each page of the website.

Third: Replacement, return and free delivery services

The site gives you the opportunity to exchange products, but make sure that you exchange your purchases within 14 days of delivery and that the condition of the product is exactly as it was received.

In addition to the possibility of saving your money with the free delivery services that you will get when purchasing with a certain amount and the Farfetch Twitter discount code that will save you up to an additional 25%.