Fordeal store is considered one of the leading fashion retailers and has been able to gain wide fame in the Arab world. It is also one of the most famous Chinese stores that have won the admiration of many customers due to its distinctive designs and prices. Unparalleled and in addition, it contains most of the international brands of fashion.

Important information about Fordeal

The 4Deal store provides a great shopping experience through its application that is available on most devices. It also enables to obtain all available within the store with ease, and the store deals with the most important and famous specialists in the fashion world To obtain distinctive and attractive designs, the store also imports and exports with all countries, as the store is looking for everything that is new to provide to its customers in order to obtain their confidence and satisfaction with the products. Today, to deal with all inquiries and problems facing the customer when dealing, in addition to this, he offers many offers and discount coupons so that the customer can have a wonderful buying experience different from the rest of the other stores.

Fordeal Store Launch

The 4Deal store was established in 2017, as it is one of the best applications specialized in the field of fashion, despite the absence of an electronic platform of its own, but it was able to perform all tasks very efficiently and quickly, in addition to Therefore, it has great popularity in the Arab world, as it provides high quality products and tastes that suit everyone, and the stores are distinguished by its always brilliant and attractive designs. It is also one of my favorite Chinese stores for many customers. The store has spread strongly since its appearance until now and always tries to achieve more successes and the store seeks to get The largest number of users and coverage of Arab countries with fashion and accessories.

Fordeal discount code

The store offers to all its distinguished customers various discount codes and coupons that may reach more than 60% of the value of purchases in order to be able to obtain the discount code. You must constantly follow the 4 Deal website. In addition, you must know the correct place code so that you can get the code correctly and we will learn about real and effective discount codes events and these codes are:

  • Fordeal discount on any product in the product inside the store up to 30 riyals
  • Fordeal discount on all products 10% of purchase value
  • Fordeal discount in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaches 40 riyals.

Available sections within the Fordeal Store

Fordeal store includes many distinct sections as it works to meet the needs of customers, the most important of these sections are the following:

  • Women’s clothing department

This section contains a wonderful assortment of women’s clothing, which includes dresses, abayas, skirts and many other types

  • Mother and Child Department
  • Home Section

It provides the necessary electronic devices for the modern home, many kitchen necessities, furnishings, and all the tools needed for the home

  • Shoes Section

It has all kinds of shoes, both men’s and women’s shoes, and there are special sports shoes events inside the store, and in addition to that, it contains the most famous brands available in the world

  • Beauty Department

This section is considered one of the favorite sections of most women, as it contains a wide range of skin and body care products that every woman cares about her beauty and femininity, as it contains the most famous brands of perfumes and cosmetics as can be Create a voucher to get a special discount

  • Bags Department

It has all different types of use that suit all tastes and people. It also has the latest international models of bags such as handbags and backpacks

  • Accessories Department

The store offers a wonderful assortment of distinctive women’s accessories as well as men’s accessories, which are watches and some sports accessories that most young people have. In addition, it has the most famous international brands of eyeglasses

  • Electronics Department

This section is considered one of the best sellers in the store because of the high quality of the products, as this section provides the most important electronic devices that contribute significantly to reducing tasks, which made life easier for us and enabled communication With some quickly like cell phones. In addition, it has some devices specialized in upgrading such as PlayStation, cameras, and other devices.

  • Men’s clothing department

This section contains all kinds of men’s clothing, including shirts, pants and jackets, designed from the best materials.

What are the most famous brands in the Fordeal store?

Fordeal is one of the leading stores in the field of fashion and beauty, so it offers a wonderful collection of the latest fashion and beauty in the world by specialists in the field of fashion, and you can also get a special discount code that helps you For a wonderful and different buying experience, one of the most famous brands in Fordeal is:

  • Zara
  • adidas
  • Prada
  • Joy Rich
  • H&M
  • Ichian
  • Nike
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Skechers.

Fordeal Store Features

There are many features that distinguish the Fordeal store from the rest of the other stores, and these features are:

  • provides all its customers with a unique and different buying experience from other stores as the store’s application is easy to deal with.< /li>
  • The store allows dealing in both Arabic and English so that dealing with customers is easy and simple
  • It provides all the needs of the family as it contains a large number of sections that find what you want from products related to fashion and accessories  
  • The store provides more product promotions periodically and continuously throughout the day
  • It has excellent customer service that answers all customers’ inquiries and works to solve all the problems that the customer faces when purchasing products as they are available all day long
  • The store offers a great delivery and shipping service where you ship to all countries quickly and immediately for a small fee </li >
  • The store is interested in providing various payment methods according to the customer’s preferred method
  • Provides return and exchange service in case of some manufacturing defects or poor product quality
  • Contains the most famous brands as well as everything related to women’s beauty and femininity.

How to order products from the Fordeal Store

If you want to experience a distinctive and different purchase from the Fordeal store, you must take some simple steps so that you can get the products smoothly without any effort, and these steps are:

  • Log in on the store’s site by typing your information or using your e-mail and the information requires writing your name, address and mail
  • You must choose the products that you will purchase and know the latest discount offers and coupons, then choose the products and put them in the shopping cart</span >
  • You must choose the appropriate payment method for you in order to be able to pay for the products, then click on the activate button to complete the purchase.

Fordeal store return and exchange policy

One ​​of the most important services provided by the store, as it allows the possibility of replacing the product for free, but provided that it is returned within 7 days of receipt and the product has not been subjected to abuse. In addition, there are some conditions that govern The in-store exchange and return policy and these terms are:

  • Upon receiving the product in case there are some defects, the product will be returned free of charge without paying any fees
  • In the event that the product is completely different from the desired product, the store will replace the product free of charge
  • The store allows the product to be returned within 15 days of receiving the product The store does not offer the possibility of exchanging the product at this time. 

What are the steps to return products within Fordeal

There are steps that must be followed when returning products within the store, and these steps are:-

  • We go to the store, then contact the store’s customer service, and then submit a return request
  • The second step is to know the return request number as you need to and explain the problem accurately
  • Customer service reviews the request submitted to it within about 24 hours
  • You can get a refund within three days.

What are the conditions for returning products in the Fordeal store

  • You must have an invoice for the purchase of the products.
  • The product must be inside the original box it was intended for
  • The product cannot be returned after the return period of up to 15 days has passed since the date of receipt.
  • The product must not have been abused by the customer, so the product is no longer valid for sale.

How long does it take to get my money back

The money is refunded when the product arrives at the store without any wrong use of the product. This procedure takes a period of up to more than two days from the date of returning the product, and the Fordeal store is one of the best safe and reliable applications in financial transactions.

Fordeal shipping and delivery

How long is the shipping and delivery time in the Fordeal store?

The shipping period is determined on the basis of the place the product is delivered to, as it takes two to six days to prepare the order, while the shipping period ranges from four to ten days. In order to know the shipping, you must follow the page For the store, you will get to know all the details of the shipping by choosing some options such as clicking on my account, then we will know the shipping date of the order.

What is the cost of shipping and delivery at the store?

The store requires you to pay a shipping fee according to the countries to which it was shipped. It also offers free if the order exceeds $90 or more in the following countries are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. As for the countries Europe The order value must exceed $99 or more.
Also shipping to Turkey requires that the order exceeds $ 99 or more, but there are some shipping companies that require paying additional shipping fees and in addition to that, they require you to provide your ID so that you can receive the products.

Can I get free in-store shipping?

Of course yes, but this requires work on a purchase voucher exceeding 200 Saudi riyals

Which countries does Fordeal ship to

Fordeal store is one of the best stores in the world, so it is dealt with through all countries of the world from the most important countries to which it is shipped the following:

  • Greece
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Egypt
  • Amman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • diameter
  • Bahrain
  • Turkey
  • Kuwait
  • United Arab Emirates

Can I track my order inside the Fordeal Store

Definitely yes, by communicating with the customer service that shows you the date of the order, as you can follow the e-mail of the site.

What are the payment methods available within the Fordeal store

There are many different ways that you can pay when buying from the Fordeal store, and the most famous of these methods are:

  • cash on delivery
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Visa card payment
  • Pay with MasterCard.

Fordeal discount code customer service

The store always strives to gain customers’ trust and satisfaction, so the store provides distinguished customer service as it has an integrated team that can communicate with customers to know all inquiries and reach to solve customer problems and work to satisfy the customer In all available ways, customer service is available 24 hours a day, so that the transaction is immediate and fast. In addition, you can communicate with them easily through the special website: https:/ /

also can communicate from their express line is 966155102560 is available all day to respond to all customers.

How to use the Fordeal discount code

The discount code can be used with ease through the following:

  • We will choose to copy the coupon and you will be taken directly to the Fordeal store.
  • We choose the products we want to buy, then we click on the shopping cart, then we click on Confirm until the purchase is completed, then we click On the option to complete the order, then we put the code in the space provided for it, and then we click on redeem, and the discount code will be activated successfully.

Fordeal discount code FAQ

Does Fordeal store offer world-class products?

Yes, the store contains a distinguished assortment of various products, all of which follow famous and well-known brands in the world.

Can I use Fordeal coupon more than once

Of course yes, I can use the discount coupon an unlimited number of times and in addition to that you can get big discounts Through the discount code available when purchasing from the store

How can I get a huge discount from the Fordeal store

The store provides you with the ability to get a discount This discount may reach more than 80% of the value of purchases, but this requires placing the use of the code correctly so that you can get a 100% effective discount code.

Why was the order from Fordeal store cancelled?

The order from the Fordeal store is canceled in the following cases:

  • If the order has not been paid for, the store will cancel the order after a period not exceeding 30 minutes
  • there are some problems while submitting the order, or some problems occur at the address to which the order is sent, so the store cancels the order
  • If the required products are not available
  • If there is a problem with the payment methods, an error occurred during the payment, so the store cancels the order 

Here it becomes clear to us that Fordeal is one of the most famous international stores that has been able to create a huge popular base with customers as it is one of the best materials and designs available in the world and is characterized by providing a lot of discount coupons and offers Featured.