The Sivvi discount code is one of the special things offered by the Sivvi store, as the Sivvi store is one of the best specialized stores in the world of fashion and fashion. In addition, it offers the most famous brands at the lowest prices in the market compared to other stores and for this reason it is one of the most important stores available in the world.

About Sivvi Store

It is one of the most powerful stores that have spread recently in the world of fashion, as it provides everything that is new It is distinguished in the field of clothing and fashion, so it contains a wonderful assortment of the latest fashion and distinctive and attractive designs. Sify store is also one of the stores that are easy to deal with, as it allows browsing all products with flexibility, because it contains many different and diverse sections. It is also the best Stores at all in the shipping and delivery service in the Arab world.

It also provides a unique and distinct buying experience by obtaining discount coupons for a store that allows discounts of up to more than 80% of the value of purchases. The store is also interested in providing the latest and finest models of modern clothing, whether For women or men, and in addition to this, there are many products for skin care and shoes, as well as sports clothing and accessories, so the store is keen to provide a distinctive selection of high-end clothing for the largest fashion designers in the world that enables you to appear elegant and attractive.

When was the Sivvi store launched?

Sify store was established in 2014 in the Middle East by businessman Rashid Al-Abbar and contains a large group of well-known international brands that may reach more than 100. In addition, it provides The global market has the best high-end and distinctive fashion designs and is also keen to attract customers by offering more effective and real discount offers.

Sivvi discount code

The Sivvi discount code offers many exclusive and distinctive discount codes for all its customers, as it provides products to users at low prices in addition to original discounts on products. It really provides an excellent buying experience, and in the case of using a Sivvi discount code, it will You get discounts of up to more than 60% of the value of the products. The products also guarantee the quality of the raw materials, as they are one of the latest international brands. In addition, the store is one of the most reliable transactions with customers and one of the latest available and effective discount codes. These codes are:

  • SIVVI code on the value of the order for all products, the value of the discount is up to 100 riyals.
  • SIVVI discount code on all products and the value of the discount reaches more than 30% and the discount code is FSHN
  • Sify discount code for different countries up to more than 30%.

How to use the Sivvi discount code and purchase

If you want to get a Sivvi discount code to get a great buying experience and special prices for the products, you should follow these steps and these steps are:

  • You must first log in to the special discount coupon site, then go to the Sivvi site and then choose the section you want to buy Products
  • When you go to the store, you will see several different sections that contain a wide range of diverse products
  • After browsing the products and choosing what suits you, you must add them to the shopping cart, then we choose the order to display the bag
  • You must review all the products you have purchased in terms of their colors, sizes and number. After confirming the products, you must choose the appropriate payment  
  • We will place the discount code in the place designated for it until the discount coupon is successfully activated and the value of the offer is obtained.

What are the most famous brands in Sivvi store

There are many world-famous brands of the most important models and designs of the best fashion designers in the world available within the Sivvi store at unbeatable low prices compared to other stores. follows:

  • elegance
  • Edas
  • Alfred Song
  • Aldo
  • Amanti
  • Anta
  • Jordanian
  • Alice Skone
  • Anne Klein
  • Apple
  • Armani Exchange.

What are the sections of the Sivvi Store

  • Ladies Fashion

is a section that provides all the products that women need to pay attention to their elegance and beauty, which includes a variety of clothing products that are used for many purposes such as sports wear and swimwear. The section also contains wonderful and attractive women’s shoes that give Ladies, distinctive beauty and femininity, which is represented in high-heeled shoes that give a different and distinctive beauty. In addition, it offers a distinguished assortment of cosmetics that are the focus of most women’s attention, as well as accessories that add a wonderful aesthetic touch.

Men’s Fashion Department

In this section, this section is concerned with providing all that men need, whether clothes and shoes, and different types of them to suit all the various occasions that suit the general taste of men, as it provides a range of sports shoes as well as classics. In addition, there are It has a complete set of sports supplies that a man requires when he does sports, as well as the care and skin care requirements for men.

Children’s Department

It is a section available for both boys and girls. It also provides everything a mother needs to take care of and take care of her children. It is also preferable to use the Sivvi discount coupon to get great discounts and a different buying experience.

The most important features available in Sivvi Store

There are many features that distinguish Sivvi store from other stores, and the most important of these features are the following:

  • The store allows you to browse the products easily as the sections are organized in a simple way so that you can have an excellent buying experience
  • It provides on the store’s home page all the sections available in the store in order to help you choose the product easily without getting tired and in an easy way
  • The store provides immediate and fast shipping and delivery service, and the shipping fee is fixed at $30
  • Supports dealing in both Arabic and English so that it is easy to deal with the customer and know his needs with ease
  • The store is keen to provide many special discounts and offers so that it can obtain customer confidence and satisfaction with the products
  • The store provides the latest international fashion and the most famous brands at low prices compared to other stores
  • Customer can get additional discounts when purchasing through special and effective discount coupons
  • The way to log in to the site is easy and unique Anyone can log in and make an easy and unique purchase
  • Provides a return and exchange policy that attracts many customers and is also one of the advantages that all users are looking for 
  • It has a distinguished customer service that works on the convenience of the customer, meets all his needs, deals with all problems of the customer and responds to all inquiries.

How to buy from Sivvi Store

The way to buy from a store is distinguished and easy, but there are some steps that must be taken to have a great and different buying experience, and these steps are:

  • You must enter the product’s home page and browse the available products to choose what suits you
  • It is preferable to know the preferred size and color, as well as specify the quantity that you purchase and then add it to the shopping cart
  • After choosing your preference, you must choose your preferred payment method in order to proceed with the payment
  • Then we choose the order now and with these simple steps you can make a distinct and different purchase.

Sivvi store shipping and delivery


What is the shipping and delivery time at Sivvi store

The store provides a distinctive shipping and delivery service as it is able to deliver products quickly and immediately to the customer’s door in a maximum period of three hours and a maximum day for delivery. This made the shipping and delivery service one of the best services that It is offered by Sivvi store unlike other stores.

Does Sivvi store offer free shipping?

Already provides free shipping service, but this service is only available for all orders within the United Arab Emirates. You can also get free shipping service within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when making a purchase voucher exceeding 100 Saudi riyals, and it also gives customers a coupon Sivvi discount to get more special discounts.

What is the shipping and delivery cost inside the Sivvi store

The store is interested in providing a different shipping and delivery service that requires payment of a simple shipping fee of 9 riyals, and the purchase of products of no less than 100 riyals, and these fees are within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only.

What countries does Sivvi store to?

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are among the countries most provided by Sivvi Store. Shipping and delivery.

Can I track my order in Sivvi Store

Of course, you can follow up on the order of the products by communicating with the company for shipping the products, where he communicates with the customer by sending a message explaining the date of the order and knowing the details of the order.

Return and exchange products inside the Sivvi store

Is it possible to return and exchange products from the Sivvi store

Yes, you can return products within the period specified by the store, which is 14 days from the date of consumption of the products.

What are the conditions for returning products at Sivvi Store

The store sets some conditions for returning and exchanging products, especially before the expiry of the date set for return, and these conditions are:

  • There are some products that cannot be returned and these products are cosmetics, swimwear and also closed-ended products
  • Products must be in their original packaging and have all their trademarks on it, as well as the invoice for the product 

How do I get my money back in SIV meter

If you can return the products in their original quality and packaging, you can get your money back in two ways:

    • You can get the money through the store after the store deducts the shipping and delivery fees
    • Or the store will give you another voucher for the same value of the products by placing a new order or also the money will be returned through the payment method that I used
  • When paying with credit cards

In this case, you will be able to receive your money through the credit card through which you paid within a period not exceeding 20 days from submitting the return request.

  • When paying via PayPal

The amount will be refunded back to your account within 20 days of submitting the refund request.

Sivvi store customer service and how to communicate with them

Sivvi store provides excellent customer service as it is available throughout the day to identify all the problems facing the customer as well as all inquiries about products. In addition, the store provides various ways to communicate with them, the most important of which are the following: :

  • by the special number 011-829-7574
  • via
  • through the store’s e-mail

Payment methods available within the Sivvi Store

There are many different payment methods that the store offers to all its customers, and the best payment methods that the store provides are:

  • Payment by credit card

The store provides the ability to pay through credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard

  • Cash on Receipt

It is one of the services available within the Sivvi store, but it is only available within the United Arab Emirates as well as in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Payment through PayPal

These are the modern methods that are using electronic payment within the store, which has saved a lot of time and effort.

FAQs about Sivvi discount code

Does Sivvi store offer original products?

Yes, the store is interested in providing original products of high quality, as it offers the most famous international brands available in the world. For this reason, the Sivvi store is one of the most famous stores specialized in the world of fashion and fashion.

What countries do Sivvi store ship to?

The store has multiple branches all over the world, but the most famous ones that are shipped to are the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and this requires shipping expenses ranging from 9 to 100 riyals

What is the shipping and delivery period for the order in the Sivvi store?

He is keen to submit the request as soon as possible, as the delivery of the request to the UAE ranges about 4 days, and also provides shipping and delivery within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this request ranges from 4 to 9 days

When will Sivvi store return my money?

It provides you with the possibility to get your money back within a period of up to 30 days from the date of the return request, but the method of returning them varies according to the payment method that was used when purchasing the products.

Does Sivvi offer free shipping?

It is one of the distinguished services that the store gives to its distinguished customers, but in order to be able to get the free shipping service, it must exceed 100 riyals or 100 AED

It is clear to us that Sivvi store is one of the distinguished stores that is unique in many advantages that made it special among other stores, and it was also able to obtain wide fame in the Middle within a short period, thanks to the products With high quality and unparalleled prices in the market, it provides a large assortment of the best international models and designs that suit all tastes, so it has been able to obtain the confidence and satisfaction of customers in its endless products, as it provides all that is new and distinctive of fashion, accessories and cosmetics It is international with distinctive quality or has all the needs of practicing sports such as sportswear, shoes and accessories, and its products are distinguished by elegance and elegance and add many distinctive aesthetic touches.