shein code

The Shein discount code is one of the distinctive codes that the store is keen to provide to all its customers, whether new or old, as the Shein store is considered one of the best stores specialized in the field of fashion and fashion, so it was able to achieve success It has become huge in a short period of time on the electronic platforms and won the admiration of many users, thanks to the quality of the products and the wonderful services it provides to its customers.

About Shein

Shein store is considered one of the most important stores that have spread strongly in the field of electronic shopping through the Internet, as it offers elegant and attractive designs that suit all tastes and people, as it is designed from the most important international models, so the store is keen To provide a wonderful and different buying experience and classy dealing with customers.

as the main goal of establishing the store is to achieve wide success around the world, so it is one of the most important sites that keep pace with fashion and display the most important models and international brands, and in addition to this, it provides many distinguished services that are unique It is distinguished from other stores and has made it occupy a special place among other stores, and one of the most important of these services is more than language support to deal with all customers, as well as an excellent delivery shipping service that provides shipping to all countries of the world.

The Birth of Shein

Shein store was founded in 2008 by a group of fashion lovers in China and then developed into a company and became one of the most important stores on electronic platforms in the world due to its distinguished products and prices Which is unparalleled compared to the rest of the other applications and managed to gain a huge popularity around the world through its distinguished and diverse products.

Shein discount code

The store always strives to provide many effective and exclusive discount coupons that give the customer great discounts and various offers, as the store contains an integrated section for discounted products, and in addition to that, it works to provide all facilities to customers where Discounts reach more than 80% of the value of purchases, and if you create an account within the store, you will get a discount of up to 40% of the value of the products.

Also, in addition to the discount offers that the store provides when you try a purchase, in addition to that, it provides the provider service that you use when buying products is a digital face that is used over the Internet through the phone or The e-mail that enables you to save more money when buying products within the Eshi store, whether Saudi Arabia or the UAE as well as in the rest of the other countries of the world.

What are the most famous brands in the Shein store

The store contains a wide range of distinctive and modern models that suit the tastes of modern women, as well as you can get a special exclusive special offer that saves you more money when purchasing. In addition, most of the products available in the store for months International brands and these brands are:

  • cucco
  • Zara
  • H&m
  • Guess
  • parda
  • Silk silk
  • MoTF
  • Sheglam
  • Ichiba

Shein Store Departments

  • New Section

This section provides a wonderful collection of the latest and best designs of the most important designers in the world that keep pace with international fashion and fashion. This section includes a group of distinctive fashion for women such as pajamas, underwear and jumpsuits, as well as a collection of One of the best delicate and attractive women’s accessories such as jewelry and watches. There are also all kinds of women’s shoes and other exclusive products that the store provides to its distinguished customers. In addition, the store offers a special and effective discount code on this section.

  • Fashion Department

It is one of the most popular sections for most people, where there are all kinds of fashions, and you will find those you are looking for from a variety of models. This section includes the romantic fashion section, as well as modest or classic fashion, as well as fashions. It is also keen to provide special sizes from the latest different types of fashion.

Clothing Department

It has all kinds of various clothes, whether for men or women, that suit all tastes and sizes through many different sections. In addition, it provides the customer with the ability to get his favorite piece and also the appropriate size and also go to Discounts section for all offers and discounts on products.


This section is keen on all models of special dresses suitable for all different occasions. The store also provides your favorite sizes as well as theories of dress models.

Plus Sizes section

Accessories Department

This section is concerned with providing a distinctive assortment of wonderful accessories for men and women available inside the store, which are watches, jewelry, bags and many attractive and distinctive pieces. The store also offers special discounts on this section. 

Sale section

This section enables the customer to get many discounts and exclusive discount offers and the fact that it provides products at low prices compared to other stores

Gift Cards Section

The most important features available in the Shein store

There are many features that distinguish Shein store from other stores, and the most important of these features are:

  • The store is keen to provide the best products that it designs under the supervision of many famous designers in the world of fashion
  • provides excellent customer service available all day long to deal with all customer problems and product inquiries
  • Provides privacy and security for all customers of the customer’s personal information
  • The store features a unique and cool design and special background for a great buying experience
  • Allows the order tracking service until receipt by communicating with the store’s customer service
  • It offers different payment methods that make it easier for the customer to deal with the store
  • is always striving to provide more coupons and special discount offers that attract customers to theto a store, as through which he obtains the satisfaction and confidence of customers in the store.
  • The store’s blog includes an impressive assortment of modern products
  • Provides the ability to communicate through the store’s website
  • is interested in providing the return and exchange feature within the store according to special conditions
  • Supports more than one language to deal with customers with ease, as it allows both Arabic and English so that communication can be easy and fast
  • Provides free shipping and delivery service in Arab countries and around the world.


How to buy inside the Shein store

The in-store purchase process is a different fun process. In order to have an in-store buying experience, you must do the following:

  • You must go to the store, then do a search for all your favorite products, then choose the right one for you in terms of size, color and number, then we will Add to cart
  • We choose the payment method that is suitable for you from the many options provided by the store
  • You must write down all your data such as your name, phone number and address in order to be able to contact the shipping company and the payment method you have chosen
  • The last step, the store sends a message with all the details of the order, whether contact or shipping.

How to get a Shein discount code

In order to get the Shein discount code and enjoy all the exclusive and effective discounts, you must follow the following steps:

  • You must go to the store to learn about the latest offers and discount coupons available within the store, then click on the view order
  • You will be taken directly to the store, in which case it is preferable to log into the store and then choose an account order or login and then We browse coupons and discount offers, then choose the products we want to buy, specify the specifications of the product in terms of shape, color and number, then confirm all your personal information, then add the products to the shopping cart until the purchase process is completed
  • Use the discount coupons that you have chosen to get instant and exclusive discounts, and you must put the special code in the space provided for it, and then you By adding your personal information in terms of name, number, address and other other information, and then we press the Complete command until the code is successfully activated.

What payment methods are available in the Shein store

There are many ways that the store provides to all its customers so that the customer can make the purchase immediately and distinctively, and these methods are:

  • Credit Card Payment

It is considered one of the most effective methods by users and includes credit cards on Visa and MasterCard

  • Pay using cash

It is one of the favorite services for most users as it makes it easy for the user to pay after receiving the products

  • Payment with PayPal

It is one of the modern payment methods that saved time and effort in the shopping process, as it is possible to pay through a specific phone application

SHEIN store shipping and delivery

How long is the shipping service in Shein Store: It provides a great shipping and delivery service by delivering the product quickly and promptly within a short period of time, as the period of time varies between Shipping is 2-5 days from the date of purchase.
Does Shein offer free shipping

Yes, the store offers free shipping to all countries, but provided that you make a voucher for an amount exceeding 199 Saudi riyals.

What is the cost of delivery inside the Shein store?

The cost of delivery inside the store does not require many expenses, as the shipping and delivery fees do not exceed 30 Saudi riyals on all orders of all sizes and weights

How can I track my orders in the Shein store

You can follow up on your order by communicating with them through their website or by contacting the product’s customer service.

Return and exchange products within Shein

It is considered one of the distinguished services that it is keen to provide to all users in order to be able to trust customers, as it is one of the services that customers seek to provide within the store.

  • What is the in-store return and exchange policy

In the event that the customer is not interested in the products, they can be returned again with ease, but provided that the period of returning the product does not exceed 15 days from the date of receipt

  • What are the non-returnable products inside the Shein store

There is a group of products that cannot be returned or exchanged, and these products are tight clothing and swimwear, as well as jewelry and accessories. Also, the products that the customer used cannot be returned. There is a condition for you to be able to return the products is Return the products in their original condition with all their trademarks available.

How can I get my money back from Shein

You can get your money back inside the store, but depending on the payment method you used, if you pay with credit cards, you can get your amount back to your credit card account again. This requires a period of 10-30 from the date of the return of the product or it can be retrieved through the store wallet This requires 48 hours to get the money back.

If the payment method is through PayPal, the money will be returned back to your PayPal account, and that requires a time of 2 to 5 days from the date of returning the product  

Either if the payment is through Cash on Delivery, in which case you can get your money back through your Shein wallet. This takes about 48 hours from the date of returning the product. 

Shein store customer service and how to communicate with them

The store has excellent customer service, as it deals with customers in an elegant and polite manner, and is available throughout the day, during the week, to communicate with customers to deal with all problems facing the customer as well as respond to all inquiries related to products And you can communicate with Shein customer service through their website, 

You can also contact them through their numbers

  • Shein store customer service number inside Saudi Arabia 00966135113999
  • Shein store customer service number inside the UAE 0097145126264

Shein Codes FAQ

Can I pay the representative upon receipt at the Shein store?

Indeed, the store provides a cash-on-delivery service so that you can pay for the order upon receipt at your home.

Can I get free shipping on Shein platform?

Yes, the store offers the possibility of free shipping to all countries, but provided that the customer purchases an order that exceeds 199 Saudi riyals.

Does Shein store offer modern and distinctive fashion?

Yes, the store is certainly interested in providing a distinctive assortment of modern and exclusive fashion models, as most of its products are for famous international brands around the world.

Hence, it becomes clear to us that Shein is one of the largest fashion stores, providing a distinctive assortment of the latest fashion and the best designs for many of the biggest fashion designers around the world, and this made it gain great fame around the world. Within a short period, it was able to reap many distinguished successes due to the quality and efficiency of its products in addition to its prices that are not compared to other stores specialized in this field.