Offering the latest trends for men, women and children, Namshi is your best choice for online shopping in Saudi Arabia. We have a growing selection of brands from Nike to Ginger, Puma, Adidas, Ella and many more, with new products all the time. With a wide range of clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes, home and lifestyle supplies and gifts, we aim to make shopping as easy as possible with delivery throughout Saudi Arabia. Browse our men’s clothing collection to find a full selection of clothing for any occasion, from casual to formal wear. View the women’s clothing collection with the best online shopping experience in Saudi Arabia for clothes that suit your taste. Keep your child looking beautiful with a collection of children’s clothing for all ages. We also have a wide range of luxury products, a selection of perfumes that is constantly renewed, we have the latest cosmetics and everything you need to look your best. Whether you are shopping online in Riyadh or shopping online in Jeddah, Namshi is your preferred choice for online shopping.

Namshi discount code is one of the codes that has spread recently and is sweeping the online shopping arena with the products and goods it offers that satisfy all customers and gain their trust with the most famous brands and great services and policies that help customers have a fun and exciting shopping experience. So I advise you to enter the Namshi website and copy the code and enjoy the best offers, discounts and savings. A lot of money with Namshi.

About Namshi

Namshi was launched in 2011. It is a store with a well-established online fashion brand. The store is expanding and spreading to include Saudi Arabia and the Emirates with international brands. The store offers sportswear, beauty, fashion and accessories to include everything any family member needs.

The store includes more than 700 brands to enjoy an exciting and different shopping experience characterized by its brand designed by the most famous international designers for products of the utmost modernity and beauty. The Namshi store has become one of the important brands for online shopping. It provides an enjoyable experience for Egypt, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, as well as Bahrain and Kuwait. The store provides shipping services. Delivery to all countries with express shipping to Cairo as well as Alexandria. The store offers a Namshi discount code of up to 60% on the store’s products.

Namshi discount code
Namshi website offers a Namshi discount code that helps save orders for the most famous brands.
The store is characterized by the continuous provision of modern fashions that keep pace with international fashion lines and trends.
Offering a discount of up to 70% is a discount on discounted and non-discounted products.
It is characterized by providing periodic and continuous renewal of all these different valuable codes to be effective and continuous.
A discount code worth 25% on all your purchases. It is an effective code.
The store offers an effective 10% discount on discounted products.
The store offers a 25% Namshi discount code for new customers.
The store offers a Namshi Egypt discount code of 25% on the first order from the Namshi website. An effective offer.
Namshi discount 30% effective coupon on all women’s dresses  Active offer.
30% discount Namshi Egypt discount code for women’s multi-pieces is an effective offer.
The store offers a 20% discount on Only women’s shoes and boots, which is an effective offer.
Namshi’s 35% discount offer on the Jack & Jones collection for men and children is an effective offer.
Namshi’s 30% discount 2021 on Reebok products for men, women and children is an effective offer.
30% discount and 100% guaranteed products on Levi’s brand is an effective offer.
The store offers a 30% Namshi discount code, including children’s jackets and coats, which is an effective offer.
The store offers a 35% discount coupon on children’s t-shirts and sweaters, which is an effective offer.
The most important Namshi discount codes
Namshi discount code up to 35%

The store is distinguished by offering a Namshi discount code of 35% discount to all customers. You can activate this code when purchasing products online. Thus, the store provides a unique purchasing experience with these great offers.

Namshi coupons provide you with free shipping

The store is distinguished by offering great discounts of up to 70% on the goods in the store, and by activating the Namshi discount code, you get free shipping on your purchases with the most famous brands.

Namshi discount coupon for your first order from the website

Namshi store offers a Namshi discount code to new customers when purchasing any item from the store. You can get this discount by using the Namshi discount code for the first time to get a 30% discount on your order.

New Namshi coupon on discount

The store offers a discounted Namshi coupon, through which you can benefit from discount codes on discounted goods that the store constantly offers to all online customers.

Namshi website sales on Black Friday:

Take the opportunity to get Black Friday discounts on clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. If you missed this offer, you missed a lot, as the Namshi store competes with all online shopping stores with the strongest offers and discounts. You must now shop and win the discounts.

Namshi discount coupon
Namshi store is one of the important stores in the online shopping arena, offering products with internationally known brands.
The store offers many coupons of different value and discount at all times of the year and during seasons and holidays. The Namshi website also offers a discounted Namshi coupon at the end of the season, such as an offer to buy one and get the second for free with the lowest price.
And from the coupons offered in the store
Namshi coupon, discount code for Jack & Jones fashion – men’s fashion.
Namshi coupon offers a discount code on Nike fashion – sports fashion.
Namshi discount code opportunity, Namshi coupon, discount code on Calvin Klein fashion – luxury fashion for all family members.
Namshi coupon, discount code for Adidas fashion – sports fashion.
Namshi coupon offers a discount code on Reebok fashion – sports fashion.
Namshi discount code Namshi coupon on Lacoste fashion – sports fashion.
The store offers a Namshi discount code on Mac cosmetics – cosmetics and makeup.
Namshi website offers and discounts

The store offers offers and discounts to all customers to gain their satisfaction and confidence during holidays, seasons, and back to school for all products available in the store. You can get that by using the Namshi discount code 2021 and benefit from discounts from 35% to 60% for all goods.

How do I use Namshi discount code 2021 to save money?
First, go to the website and enter the special page
Then choose a Namshi coupon or Namshi code from the coupons displayed in the store.
Click on the coupon and it will be copied automatically.
A few seconds and you will be transferred to Namshi’s website.
Go to the website and shop for clothes, shoes and accessories, taking into account the terms and conditions of the coupon.
Add all your liked products and they will be purchased in your own basket.
Then proceed to complete the purchase process and choose the appropriate method of payment.
Paste the coupon into the designated box indicated by the green rectangle.
Then click on Activate Coupon to activate the discount.
Thus, your purchase was completed successfully and you received the discount.
Advantages of Namshi store

The Namshi store is distinguished by many features that have made it a place in the middle of the online shopping arena, with the luxury products it offers and discounted prices. Among its features are:

The store is distinguished by offering the finest brands, as the store contains 500 famous people in the world of fashion, due to the presence of a permanent relationship with suppliers around the world.
It also has some exclusive brands that are not found in the local market, such as Calvin Klein/Lacoste/Michael Kors/DKNY/Kenneth Cole/Tory Burch/Invicta/Marc by Marc Jacobs.
The store allows the use of both Arabic and English to make it easier for the customer to use the appropriate language to help the customer complete the purchase without fatigue.
The store is distinguished by its products, as the store offers a range of different fashions for all categories and all ages, including shoes, sandals, bags, sportswear, watches and sunglasses.
The store also does not forget children and offers them a unique and distinctive collection of clothes and shoes.
The store is characterized by ease of shopping due to the availability of the Namshi application, which can be downloaded from Google Play. Registration after that and choosing the product is simple and easy, so you must download the Namshi application.
It is distinguished by offering free shipping and delivery for all orders to your doorstep if the order exceeds the value of 10 Saudi riyals or in the local currency of each country.
Express shipping in the UAE takes two days, as well as Egypt, it arrives the next day, but in Saudi Arabia it takes between 6 to 9 days.
The return service is flexible and easy from the Namshi store. The return service takes place within 14 days of receiving the product, but under the conditions that it is not used and that it is in its own box.
It is distinguished by offering different payment methods: credit card, Visa and PayPal, so that the customer can choose the appropriate one, as well as paying in cash upon receiving the product. This is the safest request for all customers, so the store provides it.
It is characterized by preserving the customer’s privacy by saving his information in the store by using a protocol that hides and encrypts this information.
Customer Service The store is characterized by providing excellent service that communicates with customers by phone or email throughout the day to help customers solve all problems and inquiries.
The Namshi store is distinguished by offering a Namshi discount code and many offers and discounts for products in the store, and the store’s discounts reach 70%.
The store is distinguished by providing continuous periodic renewal of all coupons and codes to be effective and up-to-date while providing daily and seasonal offers.
The store is characterized as a comprehensive and complete store, making the experience enjoyable and exciting.
Namshi website sections

The Namshi website offers many products, and each product has a specific section to make it easier for customers to purchase from these sections without hassle. Among these sections are:

Women’s clothing department

It is one of the most popular and famous sections because it brings women elegance and beauty with creativity, as Namshi clothes contain femininity and Arabism and are a mixture of everything that is beautiful. It also offers dresses, shirts and modest clothes. With the Namshi discount code, enjoy the most beautiful clothes and the lowest prices.

Men’s clothing department

This section includes everything a man needs, including clothes, pants, and T-shirts, as well as sports clothes to appear elegant and different, as well as Nike sports clothes. All of these clothes have a character that combines quality and elegance.

Namshi accessories section

This section contains a large collection of accessories that add a distinct look, including jewelry, as well as sunglasses, watches, belts, hats, and everything that increases the beauty of women and men.

Namshi Beauty Corner section

This section is important for men and women. After purchasing clothes, every woman likes to add a different look by visiting the beauty section to buy cosmetics, skin and hair care products, as well as nails. Among the most famous brands in this section are Mac, L’oreal, Maybelline and Clinique, with the most beautiful perfumes.

Dresses section

In this section, there are all the dresses with different designs suitable for all tastes and styles for a distinctive look, such as Ginger’s distinctive dresses.

Department of children’s clothing

This section contains everything related to women’s clothing, from infants to adults, all the clothes, fashion and accessories they need.

Namshi services and policies

Namshi store offers free shipping and delivery service to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Shipping and delivery to the Republic of Egypt

Namshi website offers free delivery service for all orders up to a value of 100 Saudi riyals, its equivalent in the local currency. Delivery is made within two working days and delivery to all governorates of Egypt.

Shipping and delivery to the Emirates

Free delivery is provided to the UAE if the order reaches a value of 100 UAE dirhams, and delivery takes place within two working days. If the order does not meet the value required for free shipping, a small fee of 10 UAE dirhams is imposed, and when using the payment method upon receipt, a fee of 15 UAE dirhams is imposed.

Namshi shipping Saudi Arabia

Namshi website provides the service for free for all orders up to a value of 100 Saudi riyals, and delivery takes 6 to 9 working days. If the order does not reach the value, a small fee of 30 Saudi riyals is imposed. When choosing a payment method upon receipt, a fee of 34 Saudi riyals is imposed.

Namshi Bahrain

The service is provided free of charge from the website when the order reaches 11 BD, and delivery takes place within 6 to 9 working days. If the order does not reach the required value, a small fee of 4 BD is imposed. If the payment method is chosen upon receipt, a small fee of $9 is imposed.

Namshi Kuwait

Namshi website offers a free shipping service to Kuwait if the order reaches 8 Kuwaiti dirhams. If the goods do not reach the required value, a small fee of 3 Kuwaiti dirhams is imposed. When the customer chooses the method of payment upon delivery, a fee of $9 is imposed, and delivery takes 6 to 9 business days.

Namshi shipping to the Sultanate of Oman

The site provides the service for free to the Sultanate of Oman if the order is 11 OMR, and if it does not reach the required value, a fee of 4 OMR is imposed. When choosing the payment method upon receipt, a fee of $9 is imposed, and delivery takes 6 to 9 business days.

Some countries impose customs and import fees. You must contact the competent authorities in your country to find out about this.

What are the payment options and methods available on Namshi?

The site offers different payment methods to make it easier for the customer to choose the most appropriate and easiest way to complete the purchase. These methods include:

Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard.
Payment in cash upon receipt. This service is available in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Gulf countries.
Or pay with PayPal account.
Or Apple Pay. This service is available in the United Arab Emirates only.
Or pay with Namshi balance.
What is the exchange and return policy on Namshi website?

Namshi website offers an exchange and return service for products within 14 days of receiving the order, but under conditions: –

The product must be intact and not tampered with.
It must be a returnable product according to the store’s policy.
It must be unused and in its own packaging.
It must be returned with the gifts and all accessories related to the product and the invoice.
If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a refund or return, and if the size is not suitable, you can exchange it for another product.
As for countries around the world, returns can be made independently, without exchange, and they must pay the cost of their postage fees.
How to contact Namshi customer service

Namshi website provides an excellent customer team that answers all questions and inquiries and solves all problems. You can contact Namshi customer service via:

As for contacting us via email,
Or call customer service  00971800626744
Namshi’s unified number for all countries: 00971800626477
Namshi Saudi Arabia customer service number: 00971800626744
Namshi UAE customer service number: 800626744
Frequently asked questions about Namshi discount code
How do I get a Namshi discount code?

You can get the best Namshi discount code or Namshi discount coupon from the site page, as the site offers many coupons. Choose from the Egypt, Emirates, or Saudi Arabia code, and all of these coupons are effective and exclusive.

Namshi discount coupon does not work for me, what should I do?

You must read the terms and conditions of the coupon and its validity period and try again. If you cannot solve the problem, you must contact the customer team

What is Namshi app?

To facilitate the store, the store offers an application to facilitate the shopping process and save a lot of time. Once you download the Namshi application from the Play Store, you will enjoy the strongest discounts. With the Namshi application, you will be constantly and continuously aware of everything related to the Kul store. This download is provided by the free store for modern phones. Application link.

Namshi discount code is one of the most profitable and effective codes that gives you more discounts and reductions with the finest clothes and the best brands, while delivering the product to your doorstep and retrieving goods or changing the size with all flexibility and ease, while providing an excellent work team to help solve all problems and inquiries. All of this is listed in this article. All you have to do is go through this experience.