Many are looking for a Carte Low discount code, as the Carte Low discount code gives you great discounts on the site’s multiple products, thus you can buy many products at a low price, and the UAE Carte Low website is a About a distinguished platform for selling used products before, and witnessing a great demand from all consumers, and in this article we will show you all the details about the Carte Low discount code, as well as how to communicate with the Cart Low customer service, and how to create an account on the Carte Low website, as we will explain all The sections on the site and how to search for a specific product on the Carte Le Emirates website.

About Cartlow

Cartlow is a famous Emirati website that was established in order to preserve the environment and achieve distinct financial returns for consumers, where you can buy many good products used before, at a very reasonable price, and all products The products available on the site are originally products that have been tested by experienced people to ensure their quality, and upon ordering from the site, you will get distinguished services, including a full-year warranty on the products, and the shipping of the Martello website is completely free, and you can apply the Carte Low discount code To obtain special discounts, you can also visit the site to find out all the new offers and discounts on all electronic devices, including refrigerators, washing machines, and mobiles of all kinds.

Cartlow mobile app

In the following points we will show you all the details about downloading Cartlow mobile applications:-

  • You can download the Cartlow mobile app , in case you own an iPhone, and all iOS phones.
  • You can download the application through the Google Store, for all Android phones.

How to contact Cartlow Customer Service

You can communicate with Carlto’s customer service easily, as you can contact them through the customer service phone, and you can email them via Carltow website, and you can visit its platforms on social media:

  • You can contact Cartlow Customer Service at the phone number +97145616814.
  • You may submit complaints to Cartlow Customer Service at the email address, you can also use Carlto’s email for inquiries and suggestions.
  • You can contact Cartow Customer Service , where you can submit complaints, inquiries and request assistance.
  • Carltow customer service works every day of the week from nine in the morning.

Cartlow Website Sections

Below, we will show you all the details about the sections of the Cartlow UAE website, where you can apply Cartlow discount code In all sections and get instant discounts All electronics:

  • Mobile devices: This special section offers you all kinds of mobile phones, as the Cartlow Mobile site offers used mobiles in very good condition, and the Tested by specialists, and below each mobile you will find its price and all features, and you can enter the mobiles section of the Cartlow website , plus a discount code Cartlow will get special discounts, and you will also be able to get free shipping on the Cartlow website if the value of the products exceeds 200 dirhams, on the site it provides shipping services within the United Arab Emirates, and the Cartlow website offers in the mobiles section all kinds of phones running the iOS operating system Where you can buy iPhones from Cartlow website, and you can buy used Samsung phones from Cartlow website.

Laptop Section

The laptop section of the Cartlow website is one of the distinct sections, and you can visit the laptop section of the Cartlow website by clicking here, and this section offers you all kinds of used laptops with the best performance, high quality, and distinct discounts, where you can apply the Cartlow discount code on the laptop and also get a free delivery service if the order value exceeds 200 dirhams, and Cartlow is one of the sites that provide All types of laptops, including Macs. You can also shop for an HP laptop on the Cartlow website, and you can get a Lenovo laptop at competitive prices.

Fragrance section

Cartlow offers premium perfumes, some of which are already opened, where the packaging comes not completely closed, but it is original, and you can get those original perfumes at competitive prices and you can also apply a Kart discount code If you are distinguished, get free delivery services for orders over 200 dirhams, and among the types of perfumes available on Cartlow are the distinguished and original Calvin Klein perfumes, as well as Paco Rabanne perfumes, and there are original boss perfumes, and you can also apply the Cartlow discount code on the original Armani perfumes. And you can return the products within a period of about ten days from the date of receipt.

TV Division

The TV section of Cart Low is one of the distinct sections that includes a large number of distinguished TV products, including Samsung and LG products. You will also find some products used before and others are new and in original condition. And you can easily apply the Carte Law discount code on all TV products.

Watches department

The watches section includes the most luxurious watches on the Cartlow website, where you can shop international watch products from the Cartlow website, all with special discounts of up to 40%, and you can also shop watches and apply the Cartlow discount code, And you will get special additional discounts, including August Steiner watches available on Cartlow, Akribos xx watches, and you can buy jojo siwa watches on Cartlow and get a discount, and Cartlow offers Armani watches for men with a discount of up to 70% in their original condition.< /span>


All types of tablets are available on the Cartlow website, and you can buy the iPad from the Cartlow website and get an extra special discount. You can also apply the Cartlow discount code on all tablets, and get a discount Special on the Apple iPad 6th Generation, you can also buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 from the Cartlow website, and you can also get some devices with discounts of up to 50%, including the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch, and you can also get the Apple iPad Pro 2 10.5 inch at a discount of up to to 40%.

CartLow Kitchen Section

The kitchen department is characterized by the presence of all the kitchen products that you may need, including plates, cups, knives, spoons, forks, cooking utensils, water-saving bottles and other distinguished products, all with great discounts and clearances, You can also apply the Carte Low discount code on all products.

CartLow FAQ

Below we explain the most important frequently asked questions about cartlow:

What is the Cartlow website?

Carlow's site is the only site that provides the user with simple ways to get used products or open products at a competitive price, and you will also get a guarantee.

Why are the prices low?

The products that fall within the list of liquidation products are new and unused, but they are cheap because they are wholesale products and therefore the selling price to the consumer decreases significantly, and there is another type of products on Carlo's website, which are products that have some damage, This damage is represented in simple details that do not affect the work of the product in general, and therefore its price is significantly low, and therefore the site guarantees you the quality of the product and you will get a 12-month warranty, and there are already used products on the site and therefore their price is lower, as you pay for the product and its quality .

Are the products on Cartlow authentic?

Yes, absolutely, all the products on the Cartlow website are new and in good condition, and you will get all the supplies and guarantees you need, and the site provides you with a warranty that lasts for a full year

What is the shipping period from Cartlow?

The shipping time of a carton is only about 3 days maximum.

How do I contact Cartlow Customer Service?

You can contact Cartlow customer service via their customer service number or their email address +97145616814.

Can Cartlow products be returned? Yes, products can be returned within ten days, just contact Cartlow customer service at +97145616814.

Cartlow Returns Policy

  • You will be able to easily return all products, provided they are within the site’s returnable listings, as there are some non-returnable products, You can return incorrect products, if you receive a product that is different in specifications.
  • You can return products from Cartlow, especially the incorrect product, but this is done according to certain conditions, where you can return the products if you do not The product is used permanently, and the product must be in its proper packaging, without any kind of damage.
  • Damaged products are immediately returned, especially electronics, as each product comes with a 12-month warranty against all manufacturing defects, Thus, you can return the products in the event of a violation of the specifications written on them or a malfunction.
  • You can return products in case you accidentally order a product that you did not want, very easily, but some must be available Conditions to be able to return products via Cartlow. One of the most important of these conditions is that all products are still in their original box from the site, and the packaging should be intact and undamaged.
  • Returning watches on the Cartlow website must meet some conditions, where for watches the products must be in their original box, as All original signs and labels must be present.
  • To be able to return the rest of Kart’s products if they must be inside their original packaging and with all accessories, as Cartlow products cannot be returned in If some accessories are damaged or missing a part.
  • If the box is in improper condition or has been opened in case the product is not damaged or has some scratches, the site will make a discount It is a restocking fee, which is approximately 25 percent during the retrieval process from the Cartlow website.
  • You can return the products sold on the Carlton website only if about 10 days have passed, and the products cannot be returned if the period has passed Longer than 10 days.
  • There are some non-returnable products on the Cartlow website, which are some products that have been damaged by the user or consumer, All products that have been used after purchase will not be able to be returned on the Cartlow website.
  • You cannot return the products on the Carte Law website if the serial numbers of the products are lost, as the products that lose their numbers are It is not exchangeable or returnable.
  • You can contact Carlo’s customer service at +97145616814 to start returning products from Cartlow.
  • When you return some products from the Cartlow platform or the Cartlow app, you will be able to get the special amount back on your credit card. You can also refund the amount to your account on the Cart Low website.

Installment on CartLow

You can install your products on the UAE Cartlow website and get many advantages and the possibility of paying over long months through many distinguished banks, and here we will show you the monthly installment systems from the Cartloww website

  • First you can visit the Cartlow website to choose your monthly payment system by clicking here.
  • You can install products on the Cartlow website through Emirates NBD, through payment systems up to 24 months, and there are systems Repayment up to 36 months.
  • You can install products on Kartlo’s website through Samba Bank, and get monthly installment payment methods of up to 12 months and 36 months. A month and 24 months
  • Abu Dhabi Bank offers you an installment service from Carte Low, where you can buy products through Abu Dhabi Bank services and pay the installments over a period of time. 24 months or 6 months.
  • You can install products on Cartlow through Emirates Islamic Bank, and get different monthly payment methods up to 24 months

Cartolo Features

Cartlow is a premium shopping platform in the UAE, and through them you can get many advantages, including:

  • Kart-Low discount code provides you with great discounts on mobiles and tablets.
  • Cartlow’s premium installment services help you pay monthly installments for long periods of up to 24 months.
  • Kartlo website provides you with distinguished services, including payment by various credit cards, including Visa and Credit Card
  • You can get free shipping within the UAE if you order products worth 200 AED or more from on Cartlow.
  • Kartlo platform offers you premium services, including the service of buying used phones at a competitive price, and you can also buy home products at wholesale prices at premium prices.
  • The site offers the most luxurious and famous brands in watches and perfumes, including Armani products and Boss perfume products.
  • 12 months warranty on all Cartlow products, which protects the user from product defects.
  • You can return Cartlow products if less than 10 days have passed.
  • Cartlow’s excellent customer service and we will assist you in the process of returning products and applying the Cartloww discount code.

In conclusion, we have shown you all the details about the Cartlow website, as well as the advantages of shopping from Carton, and ways to communicate with Carlo’s customer service, as well as ways to download the Cartlow application, and you can easily Log in to Cartlow and start purchasing and get multiple opportunities and discounts, and we wish you a successful experience.