The Ali Express discount code is one of the wonderful services that the store is keen to provide to the customers of the new store, as the Ali Express store is one of the most important stores specialized in the field of e-commerce that has spread strongly during the recent period on many One of the electronic platforms, so it includes a wide range of products that the customer seeks to obtain in many different fields such as electronics, fashion, as well as children’s toys and other products.

Important information about the AliExpress Store

Many people prefer to buy online, as it saves a lot of time and effort in shopping, so the Express store is one of the best solutions to make a special purchase, as it is one of the best Chinese stores that provides All Chinese products through the site. The store was also able to obtain great fame in the Arab world thanks to the quality of its distinguished products as well as its unbeatable prices compared to other stores. The store was established in 2010 by the well-known American businessman Jack, who owns the Ali Group Baba, which is one of the most important stores in the global markets, and there is also an Express store in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, despite the remote location of the store, but it is characterized by an excellent shipping and delivery service all over the world.

Ali Express discount code

The store is interested in providing many effective and real discount codes, as it enables customers to purchase products at prices that suit all categories, through the use of discount coupons for the store, and in addition to this, it is keen to provide high quality products One of the most famous international brands worldwide, which gives the customer the possibility to purchase products using special discount codes. The most important and latest discount coupons for the Ali Express store are the following:

  • Express discount coupon on new products up to 10% of purchase value and discount code is AC33
  • Ali Express discount with a special discount of up to 15% of the value of the products.
  • Ali Express discount code on all products up to 10% of the value of the products.
  • Ali Express discount in all countries, the discount is more than $4.
  • The AliExpress coupon on any product is $4.

How can I use an Ali Express discount code for PC

In order to be able to get the special discount code on AliExpress and get more discounts, you need to take some steps, and these steps are:

  • We choose the copy code command through the store’s website
  • In this case it will go directly to

The store, then we log into the store on Express, then we browse the products available within the store, choose what suits you and select the options for products in terms of color, number and materials, then click on the add to cart order, then We choose the order to display the shopping cart, then activate the buy button, and then we activate the store’s discount code by copying it in the designated place until the special code is activated and we get great discounts on all products.

How can I buy on AliExpress

You can buy on Ali Express at own site in the store or through the application available on all mobile devices, so you should before making the purchase Do these steps:

  • You must be logged into the store
  • Then we browse the store and search for all the products you need through the search box available at the top of the site’s page and if you choose What you prefer from the products you have to add in the shopping cart by clicking on the respective button available at the bottom of the page and then choose the appropriate discount code for you and then requires you to write all your data such as address and phone number so that the store can communicate with you directly Good, then the purchase is confirmed and then he sends a message with all the information about the order.

The most famous brands in a store on Express

The store contains a wonderful assortment of products from international brands, and the most famous brands inside the store include:

  • Kai Hai
  • Shumi
  • Lenovo
  • Tron Smart
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Honor
  • Amazon
  • run.

What sections are available on AliExpress

It has many distinct sections that contain a lot of products in various fields, and the most important of these sections are the following:

  • Women’s clothing department


  • Modern men’s fashion


Phones and Communications Section

It is one of the distinguished sections within the store, as it offers a wide range of all types of mobile devices and the latest versions of distinguished smartphones offered by many companies such as Samsung, Lenovo and Huawei. The store also provides a distinctive selection of Accessories for all kinds of phones

Computer, Office and Security Department

This section contains everything related to computers, which include CPUs, keyboards, and other major parts of the computer

  • Consumer Electronics

This section is considered one of the most popular sections within the store, as it includes all the electronic devices that must be present inside the home, such as cameras and video equipment, as well as modern household appliances that facilitate household tasks

  • Jewelry and watches

is concerned with providing luxurious and distinctive types of jewelry that include rings and necklaces, as well as special attractive earrings, as well as jewelry for wedding and engagement parties. It also offers a wonderful collection of elegant men’s watches of famous international brands.

  • Home & Pets Supplies

This section provides distinctive pieces of home décor that add to the house aesthetic touches and a neat and organized shape. In addition, it gives the house a modern look, and it is one of the most favorite sections of most women.

  • Bags and shoes

This section offers an impressive collection of the best fashionable footwear for men and women, the most important of which are backpacks, as well as handbags that feature great and distinctive designs.

Games, children and babies

This section is concerned with all kinds of games that work on developing the child’s skills and acquiring distinctive abilities. It also contains all the requirements for children from infancy to adolescence.

  • Fun and outdoor sports

This section provides all the tools that the customer needs when practicing outdoor sports such as running, fishing and swimming.

  • Beauty, health and hair

This section displays all personal care supplies such as skin and body care, as well as international brand cosmetics

  • Cars and Motorcycles

It has a wide range of spare parts for cars and motorcycles, which are represented in the burning wax and lamps, as well as the minute details of spare parts for all types of cars from the most famous brands

Download Home and Tools

This section provides all the home necessities that make it appear modern and elegant. It also has all the equipment for loading the house such as ceiling lights as well as attractive external lights that give the house a kind of joy and happiness.

The most important features of an Express Store

The store contains a lot of features that distinguish the AliExpress store from the rest of the other stores, the most important of these features are the following:

    • The store offers multiple methods of payment as it is easy for the customer to deal with the store, one of the most important of these methods is cash on delivery as it provides a feature of protection Consumer
    • The store provides a simple and elegant design for the store that enables the customer to make the purchase with ease
    • The store is available in both Arabic and English
    • The store provides many shipping and delivery options that suit all categories

<li style=”font-weight: 400;” is keen to provide free shipping service to all countries of the world through the use of government mail

  • You can get the application easily by downloading from Google Play
  • Provides return or exchange policies within 7 days of receipt.
  • The store offers free shipping to all countries of the world, but the value of the products must exceed $ 90
  • The store contains multiple sections in various fields that provide all the products he needs and is well organized so that the customer can Find products with ease.


Payment methods available within the Shop on Express

There are many payment methods available within an Express store, and the most important methods used are:

  • Payment by credit card

It has become one of the most used ways to pay as it saves a lot of time and effort, and credit cards are Visa Card and MasterCard.

  • Payment Through Western Union

This method is only available for in-store prescriptions and not to order through offers and discount coupons unless the order exceeds $20. This service is available using only dollars

  • Payment through PayPal

This service is only available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, but provided that the buyer can obtain the service from the seller

  • Payment by cash on delivery Payment through your mobile phone account

Shipping and delivery within an Express Store

It is one of the distinguished services within a store on Express, which provides an excellent delivery service around the world. The number of these countries may reach more than 200 countries, where the store allows delivery of the order in the shortest possible time, unlike stores other

Can I track an order in-store on Express

Indeed, yes he can follow up on your order through text messages on the site or by logging in to the store’s application and getting to know all the information about the order.

Countries shipped to in the AliExpress Store

The store provides shipping and delivery service to many countries, the most important of these countries being the following:

  • Bahrain
  • Jordan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait

Delivery time

In order to know the time needed to deliver the order, you must log in to the website available at the top of the store’s page and then go to My Orders and here you will learn all the details of the order.

Express delivery charges


What is Ali Express’s return policy

It is one of the most important services that the AliExpress store seeks to provide to its distinguished customers, as it is one of the most services that attract customers and gain great confidence in the store, so it lies in following the return policy, but there are some conditions and these conditions are :

  • Products that you do not like can be returned within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of receipt
  • that the product retain its original condition in terms of shape, original packaging and trademarks
  • You cannot return the product if the product has been broken or misused
  • “>No shipping charges are required when returning the product.

Express Store Customer Service


and provides the ability to communicate through their customer service number: 86-571-8502-2088

You can also communicate through their website at

Ali Express FAQ

When I get the product that I ordered from the seller, what should I do?

In this case, in order to get the product, you must contact the special customer service and the problem will be dealt with Immediately and quickly

Can I pay when I receive the product inside the store

Of course yes, you can get the pay-on-use service available inside the store from Through the shipping company that delivered the orders

Can I get instant discounts from a store on Express

Yes, you can get instant and exclusive discounts inside the store from By selecting the appropriate discount coupons for you and activating them in the correct way.

How can I get the Express app for free?
The store is always interested in obtaining customer satisfaction with its various services by making it easy for the customer to make the purchase, so the store has issued its own application so that the customer can obtain all products through Online shopping through the application, as it is one of the best applications on electronic platforms, as it is available to all customers and users by downloading it through Google Play. All classes of society

Can the order be tracked inside a store on Express

Of course yes by visiting the store’s personal page or through the text messages that the store sends with all the details of the order.

Hence, it is clear to us that the store is one of the largest stores available in e-commerce, as it provides large groups of products in various fields and seeks to provide more and new products in order to reach many successes, which is Indeed, to obtain the confidence of users in the quality of the products as well as the low prices that do not compare with other stores, and he was able to possess great popularity within the Middle East, thanks to the quality of the products as they are from international brands present in the store.