What is the West Alam discount code? West Elm is a large Saudi platform that includes all the household needs, from large furniture pieces to kitchen utensils, and in this article we will show you all the products offered by West Elm Saudi Arabia, Where you can browse through the site and buy what you need, and a West Elm discount code can be applied to get great and distinct discounts. We’ll explain West Elm’s storage policy, follow us to learn more.

Westalm Products Saudi Arabia

When you browse the West Alam Saudi website, you will find many products, and in this paragraph we will display all the products available on their site, and we will also display the average prices on the Middle Alm Saudi Arabia so that you can order products easily and apply the West Alam discount Follow us:

  • Furniture: This section is the largest section on the West Alam website, as it offers you huge assortments of furniture, including tables Chairs and cabinets in all their forms, and there are pieces of furniture equipped with the kitchen and utensils cabinets. You will also find a wide range of different table formations, and a large number of extendable tables. You can shop for dining table chairs on the site.
  • where the average prices are often between 600 SAR and 700 SAR, and you will also find a wide range of beds for bedrooms With different sizes and sizes, the prices on the West Alum website range in the category of beds between 5000 SAR and 7000 SAR.
  • Get a bed that includes storage cabinets, and you can also apply the West Alum discount code to get great discounts, you can buy the sofa from at Pain relief site by entering here, you can also buy consoles and TV stands.

Light units

You can purchase all styles of lighting units by entering here, where the site provides you with a large and varied number of distinguished lighting units, including suspended lighting units that are based on the floor, and the prices of floor lamps start from 1000 Saudi riyals.


If you own a small garden in your home, you will definitely want to collect distinctive decorative pieces to decorate it. Therefore, you can follow the West Alum website for distinguished outdoor decorations, including pillows that suit gardens and outdoor sessions, ranging from Their prices range between SAR 90 and SAR 120, and you can buy them at here and you can apply the code West Alum discount on outdoor sessions that are suitable for gardens and balconies, and the average price for outdoor sessions is 15,000 Saudi riyals.


You can shop all shapes and types of carpets on the West Elm website; By entering the carpet section from here, and the site offers you great discounts and you can apply a code WestAlm discount on Persian carpets, the average price of carpets on WestAlm website is 1400 Saudi riyals, and there are carpets suitable for children’s rooms and embossed with beautiful and childish drawings.


All you need inside the kitchen from utensils, tables, cutting units, cups and dishes, you will find it on West Elm website, by entering the kitchen section where you will find all sizes of plates and cup sizes, for example, you can shop a wooden cutting board from the center of the pain and the price starts from 200 Saudi riyals, you can Shop kitchen spice containers by entering here and you can apply Westalm discount code on all kitchen pieces. Furthermore you can shop a fruit stand by entering here at a price of only 190 SAR. It is worth noting that the site provides you with utensils to save water, solution and juices, all of which are made of the finest products.


There are large selections of bathroom mirrors and room mirrors, all on the Westalm website, and each piece is shown below the size in terms of width and height, and you can apply the Westalm discount code to enjoy discounts on mirrors from The site.


You can buy all the bedding you may need through the site, where all bed linen are provided in different sizes, and you can buy a quilt from the Westalm website and apply the Westalm discount code, and you can also buy covers Pillows come in different sizes and colours, and you can shop a Westelm comforter by entering here, and quilt prices range between 900 and 1000 Saudi riyals only .


The site offers many curtains, as it offers all kinds of curtains for every part of the house, including bathroom curtains and kitchen curtains, You can also apply a West Elm discount code on curtain products.

Contact West Elm

Below, we will show you all the details about contacting West Alam:-

  • Follow the site and feel pain through its YouTube page by clicking here
  • You can follow them on Facebook by logging in here
  • You can follow them on their Instagram page by entering here
  • Contact Westalm customer service through your site by logging in here.
  • By following their pages on social networking sites, you can get the site’s latest offers and seasonal discounts, as the site is now We make discounts for the fall season.
  • Phone number +966 92000-2482


What delivery methods does the site support?

WestElm Now offers home delivery, and the delivery value varies from city to city. Delivery takes place within five days in some cities, including the city of Jeddah and the city of Riyadh. It also needs delivery from one to five days in the city of Dammam, and delivery needs a period of one to four days in the cities of Diriyah, Dhahran and Al-Khobar.

How many days of delivery to Mecca?

Delivery within one to seven days in the city of Mecca, the city of Medina, the city of Kharg and the city of Jubail.

What is the special service from West Elm?

It is a new and distinctive service provided by West Alam website, as this distinguished service includes delivery and installation of products that need to be installed, to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Where are West Alam branches located?

Store branches are located in Jeddah, Riyadh and Al-Khobar.

Can the products be stored after purchase?

The site offers you storage services for products for a period of about 12 months before receipt, for a small fee, and you will also get a free storage service for 40 days.

Can cash on delivery be done?

You can only pay on receipt through online payment methods.

West Alum Stores Saudi Arabia

Follow the following to know the branches of West Alm stores in Saudi Arabia:

  • Jeddah West Now Branch: The Jeddah branch is located in the Tahlia Street area in Jeddah, through Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Road In Al-Rawdah District, Jeddah. Working hours are from 9 am to 11 pm.
  • Al-Turki Center: West Alam branch in the city of Khobar, located in the Sahara Mall area, through King Abdullah Road intersecting with King Abdulaziz Road in Al-Khobar, Yarmouk.
  • Red Sea Mall: West Alam branch in Jeddah, located in the west of Jeddah, inside Red Sea Mall, through King Abdulaziz Road, working hours from nine in the morning until eleven Ten pm.
  • Sahara Mall: The branch operates from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, you can shop in Riyadh in the west of Riyadh city inside Sahara Mall, at the intersection of King Abdullah Road and King Abdulaziz Road.

Advantages of buying from West Allen

Continue the following to learn about the advantages of buying from West Allen:-

  • You can buy products through the site and receive them through all branches of stores throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The site provides you with product storage services, so that you can store your furniture after the weal so that you can receive it, in If you are not inside the Kingdom, storage fees are completely free in the first period.
  • High-quality express delivery services, where you can receive your products in a short period, and you can receive the product in no more than Only two days in some cities, including Jeddah and Riyadh.
  • Delivery services are free of charge if you purchase products worth more than 1,800 SAR.
  • The delivery value is small if you purchase products less than 1800 SAR.
  • You can easily browse the site, as it has a simple user interface and is available in Arabic and English

Westline storage fees

If you want to store your purchases for a certain period before receiving them, the site provides this service to customers:

  • You can store your products when purchasing from Westalln for a period of about 45 days completely free of charge, through the company’s stores, and this service Do not ask to pay an extra amount.
  • The storage value is calculated after the free period of 45 days has passed, and the service fee is about 130 Saudi riyals or about 130 dirhams Emirati on a weekly basis.
  • Storage is maximum 12 months.
  • Products can only be stored for more than one year.
  • In the event that you do not receive the ordered products from the Westen website, you will not be able to receive the order after 12 months, as the order will be returned to the company’s warehouses The storage value will be deducted from your bank account.
  • You must pay the storage fee before receiving, and a representative will contact you for payment.
  • The requested storage value is not returnable.

Westline Design Service

The site offers you premium design services, where you can design products according to your personal desires by making an appointment with the company’s design team by entering here

and the site will set a special date for you to meet with the work team to determine a special design for your furniture, and the design is free and you will not pay an additional value for it.

West Allen Shipping and Payment Services

  • Payment on receipt: Payment on receipt services are not available on the site, and you can only pay through electronic methods, namely cards. Credit or debit card payments.
  • Receipt service from our stores: You can receive the order through West Allen stores located in each city; This is by selecting the branch that suits you, and the officials from the customer service will contact you when the shipment is delivered to the company’s stores, through phone messages or through the email address, and therefore you must be careful to register your data properly when ordering.
  • You can order products through the site, and the shipping period will range from one to seven working days at the latest, and delivery will be to all cities Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The value of shipping from West’s website was 35 riyals. This is in the case of ordering products less than 350 Saudi riyals.
  • In the case of ordering main products less than 1800 Saudi riyals, the shipping cost will be 1000 Saudi riyals only.
  • Free shipping for your orders over 1,800 SAR for main products, free shipping for sub-products if the value of the products exceeds 350 SAR Saudi.
  • You can call +966 92000-2482 in case your order has not been received, customer service will contact you.

How to order from West Alam?

Follow the following to learn how to order from West Alam website, as the site is simple and you can order through the following steps:-

  • Log in to Westalm, and then log in to the site.
  • If there is no actual account on Westalm, create a new account on the site.
  • Then you can put the products of your choice into the cart, where you can choose from all the sections.
  • You will find all products in the order basket which is located at the top of the page on the left.
  • Next write your personal data by putting your personal address and contact method, where you must indicate your personal phone number and email address.
  • Then write the West Alam discount code, then complete the steps.
  • Complete the shipping process and you will receive a confirmation by message on your phone or by email.

Disadvantages of shopping at West Alum Saudi Arabia

  • One of the disadvantages of shopping from West Alam is that there is no possibility of payment upon receipt, as the only payment method is through credit cards.
  • The shipping fee is a bit high as it reaches 100 SAR on some products.
  • Delivery needs more than a week to some areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are the Central Region and Hotat Sudair, and delivery takes a long time. Al-Qassim region, the city of Hail, the city of Al-Jouf and the city of Sakaka.

In the end, we have explained to you all the details of the method of ordering from Westalm, as we have shown all the products on the site, and we have shown the average prices for each section of the site where you can receive great discounts After applying the West discount code now and obtaining distinguished prices, in addition, we have clarified the shipping price to the governorates and the method of obtaining free shipping, as well as all the details about the storage policy of the products offered by the site, and we wish you excellent experiences.